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Warm Air Heaters

County End Electrical NW are approved installers of Warm Air Heaters by Winterwarms Heating Solutions.

Hybrid heaters

New to our product range is the Qwikshift Hybrid Heater. A combination of the familiar heat pump and an innovative booster technology. The Qwikshift Hybrid Heater is available in two variants. , either full electric or with a gas fired booster.

How does the Qwikshift Hybrid Heater work?

The Qwikshift Hybrid Heater has 3 components. The heat pump, the innovative booster and the Smart Controller. Heat Pump extracts heat from the air and then blows it to the desired room. On cold days or at the start of the working day when the room needs to be at the desired temperature quickly, the booster jumps in. As a result, you quickly and efficiently create a pleasant working climate for your employees, ensuring greater comfort. As soon as the room is at the desired temperature, the heat pump takes it over again. The heat pump can meet the heat requirement about 80% of the time, in the remaining 20% the booster jumps in.

Electric heaters

Increasingly, we generate our own electricity by means of solar panels or other renewable sources. With this in mind Winterwarm has developed the EH electrical air heater. With these units you can benefit from the same advantages of warm air heating.

All electric

When generating your own electricity or when gas is not available an electrical heater is a logical solution. The Winterwarm electrical heaters  still have the advantages of a traditional  air heater which are: quick warm up time and even temperature in the building.


The Winterwarm EH is available in 4 capacities from 10- 40 kW. They have a compact and attractive design. The unit can also be installed at an angle to direct the warm air towards the floor. The EH is very suitable for heating workshops, showrooms, warehouses, cafeteria's, sports areas, etc.

LPHW unit heaters

Winterwarm's water heaters can heat any commercial or industrial space to a comfortable level. The hot water source can be from a boiler, heat pump or any other warm water system.

Water heaters have an external warm water heat source, for example a boiler or heat pump. The heat source transports the warm water to the heaters. Consequently, the fan distributes the warm air in the rooms. Usually a controler is installed to adjust the air volume.

A main thermostat controls the overall heat demand. We also recommend installing a connection thermostat to prevent the heater blowing cold air before it reaches the required temperature.

The Winterwarm water heaters (WWH)are available in 3 models: standard model with AC-fan, EC-model with efficient and low-noise fan, and the LT-model especially for low water temperatures. Capacities varie from 11 kW to 73 kW. For installation in shops, especially with low ceilings, accessories such as 4 or 6 way distribution plenums are available.

Gas fired air heaters

Gas fired air heaters for both industrial and agricultural markets. There are various models available. Winterwarm heaters are amongst the best sold air heaters in Europe.

Gas-fired unit air heaters in industrial applications

The Dutch Gasunie did research on the most effective way of heating an industrial building comparing several heating methods. The best results were achieved by gas-fired unit heaters.

Under-floor heating was also taken into account in this research and turned out to be less effective due to higher installation and annual running costs. In industrial environments, air heating is used mostly during the day whereas under-floor heating responds slowly, requiring 24 hours per day operation.

Effective heating with unit air heaters

An industrial building has to heated only when people are at work and this is exactly what unit air-heaters do. The heater(s) turn on only when the thermostat requires heat. Under-floor heating has a slow response time and it takes a long time before the temperature is at the right level. Also, the annual running costs are higher as this system needs to maintain the temperature overnight.

For normal operating hours (like in shops, garages, sport halls, warehouses or production companies) the best solution is air heating because:

  • Lowest possible annual running cost
  • Low investment for equipment and installation
  • A saving in running costs of approx. 40% can be expected with air heating

Heaters for agricultural markets

Winterwarm also manufactures heaters for use in greenhouses and poultry farming.


In greenhouses, both DXA and DXC can be applied. Each type of crop (i.e. salad, tomatoes, garden plants) require a specific concentration of CO2 influencing the choice of the heating unit.

The DXA produces CO2 for the growing process as well as water vapour. There is no loss of energy. It is essential to ventilate the greenhouse properly to prevent build-up CO2 for human well behaviour as well as for the crop.

The DXC has a flue to discharge CO2. A combination of DXA and DXC is also possible.

Poultry farming

Traditionally, poultry houses are heated by so called "open-fired heaters" using gas or oil. For these situations, Winterwarm  offers the DXA (gas-fired) or DXB (oil-fired) heaters.

However, these units produce CO2 and water vapour, so it is necessary to have a high level of ventilation in order to maintain a healthy environment as neither CO2 nor water vapour is required, especially not in cold areas. However, during the process of ventilating the CO2 and the water vapour out of the building, also the warm air disappears to the outside. This is of course very un-economical.

Therefore, Winterwarm has developed the DXC heater (gas-fired) with a flue. With this new concept with so called "closed combustion"  all CO2 and water vapour is discharged to the outside directly. Advantages of this concept:

  • Saving of approx. 25 % on energy cost
  • Dry environment in the farm
  • Low noise
  • Safe operation (no open flame)

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